Society Of Jesus

St. Ignatius of Loyola was born in 1491 in Spain. He was wounded in the Pamplona War that took place between the French and the Spanish army in 1521. His royal bravery always made him run after power and vainglory. He left no stone unturned in order to become a knight of the earthly kingdom of Spain. But post war, his inner conversion transformed him to a knight of the Heavenly Kingdom of Jesus Christ.

After great struggles and mystical Godly experiences, he founded the Society of Jesus, a Catholic Apostolic Order, in 1540. The followers of St. Ignatius soon came to be known as Jesuits. The Pope Paul V beatified St. Ignatius of Loyola on 27th July, 1609. He was later canonized on 12th March, 1622. Every year, 31st July is celebrated as the Feast of St. Ignatius of Loyola. St. Ignatius is popularly known to be the patron saint of the Society of Jesus, the Soldier of Christ, and the Leader of Educators and Education.

After St. Ignatius, the Jesuits have walked through a great intellectual legacy in all the walks of life – like astronomy, natural sciences, theology, philosophy, literature, linguistics and so on. Today, the Jesuits around the world are working among both the richest and the poorest in the society. They are engaged in the works of spiritual awakenings, education, refugee services, and social services in more than 112 countries. The number of Jesuits today sums to about 19,100. There are several Universities and University Colleges, Schools and Churches named after St. Ignatius or his companion St. Francis Xavier. These institutions continue to serve the humanity in the truest Jesuit spirit.