-The Mecca of education
-Contanti Nople of wisdom
-Egypt of civilization
-Greek of Philosophy

-Has replenished and rejuvenated, nourished and nurtured the minds of million. Created so many great leaders and professionals by pouring the nectar of knowledge, elixir of wisdom into their minds.

-Has pervaded its fragrance and aroma beyond the borders and clifflines of India.

St.Mary‟s old boys association Alumni association was started in the year of 1950. Mr. Sakkayan, Mr. Venkatasami Nayakkar were the presidents. Mr. P.V. Dhass B.A(Hon)B.L, Mr. M.S.P. Muthu BA.BL., were vice presidents.

Today the age of this association is 62. We have authenticated and relevant records being maintained regarding the association activities right from day one.

1957 - Rev.Fr.DoraiSamy S.J., gave a new glow and gleem to the association by forming governing forum and Rev.Fr.Felix Joseph S.J., formed the executive committee for the effective, transparent and vivacious function of the association.

Alumni association extends its positive hand for the complete eradication of

- paucity in fund.

-Penury in knowledge

-Insufficiency in amenities.

By being proactive in planning and reactive to the situations of need and requirement.

On 20.3.1960 Inigo book binding unit was started with the investment of Rs.20,000. Same year with the fund of Rs.1,00,000 computer lab was started.

On 9.1.2000, flood lights were installed at the cost of Rs.60,000. The entrance arch was also built by the strenuous effort of Alumni association.

In 1990, As per the instruction and recommendation of Jesuit Secondary education commission two co-ordinators were deputed. One for Alumni associations in school, and another for colleges.

And also one director for each association was also recommended.

On 28.1.1991, 500th year celebration of St. Ignatius was celebrated in a grand manner. The first director of our Alumni association Lawrence Gabriel S.J., He introduced patron‟s scheme in that occasion.

The On going activities of Alumni Association

1. Gathering on fortnightly basis for effective planning and discussions.

2. Releasing bulletins on the activities of the association

3. Providing Scholarship to the economically down trodden children.

4. Career guidance programme for the +2 passers to provide them a vivid idea to plan their studies to pursuit.

5. Taking students to the near by villages to provide the villagers awareness of environmental pollution and personal hygiene.

6. Rewarding the toppers in 10th , +2 every year.

7. Rewarding cash award and bestowing gifts and Prizes to the state level players and winners to pep them.

8. Extending a helping hands to the old age homes, Orphanages and hospices.

9. Serving as a bridge of relationship between the two generations.

10. Providing free apparels to the poor students during festivals such as Diwali, Pongal, Ramzan and X-Mas.