School History

St. Mary’s Primary School

Rev.Fr.Prosper Betrant S.J., as a part of his campus ministry started informal primary education along with catechism for the tiny tots of the city in 1850 in the St. Joseph‟s church campus. The same was shifted to the present campus in the same year. Initially sisters of seven dolors shared the part of the responsibility for the effective on go of this endeavor. The primary school, with perfectly stipulated norms and well formulated rules and regulations was started with new glow and gleam on 1868 March 16th by Rev. Fr. Louis Saintchier S.J.,

St.Mary’s Hostel

Rev. Fr. Louis Saintchier S.J., bought the present hostel campus for the benefit of the outsiders to stay and study .It is obvious and apparent that this paved way for many villagers and wards of agriculturists to become educated and erudite.

Transformation of Primary school into middle school…

In 1892, Rev.Fr. Edward Perroquin S.J., took over the change. During his tenure the students‟ strength soared to 160 and primary school was raised to a middle school. In 1905 the students‟ strength further upsurged to 365. Brothers of sacred heart of Jesus took over the charge for a short span of time.

St.Mary’s High school…

Rev.Fr.Schaul S.J., (1906-1921) gave a noble start for IV form and paved way for a new era and epoch in the history of St.Mary‟s as St.Mary‟s High school. But within two years a severe financial constraint obstructed his obsession.

Resurrected again:

Rev.Fr.Santappar S.J., (1921-35) took a great initiative to get the recognition from the government and again St.Mary‟s bloomed and blossomed into St.Mary‟s high school.

First entry into board examination and a great break through…

In 1924, students for the first time appeared for the board exam and 90% of them passed (A great and remarkable achievement in the first stroke). In 1931 St.Mary‟s Hostel was started by Rev.Fr.J.C.Gomez S.J., and he is the one who built the Santappar hall and established the Santappar rolling trophy.

Centenary celebrations:

At this context the school had completed 100 years victoriously by the abundant blessings of lord Almighty Rev.Fr.Deviah S.J, initiated the preparative works for the centenary celebrations on 02 / 02 / 1950 there was a regal and royal centenary celebrations with the live concert of Kalaivanar N.S.Krishnan.

Clock tower and Jesuit Residence:

St.Mary‟s clock tower which is the replica of London West minister Abbey clock tower, was built by Rev.Fr. Recky S.J., commemorating the centenary celebrations, contemporarily Jesuit residence was elegantly designed and perfectly planned and executed by Rev.Fr. Deviah S.J.,

School Library:

Rev.Fr. J.Allapat S.J., to inculcate the reading habit among the blooming buds and the teachers built the library building with the stately array of 12000 books to start with. It was opened and dedicated for day to day use by educational director of that time Mr. N.T.SundaraVadivelu.

St.Mary’s Hr.Sec.School:

In 1978-79 during the period of Rev.Fr. J.M.Lourduraj S.J., St.Mary‟s High school became St.Mary‟s Hr.Sec.School, an added milestone in its chronicle. Science laboratories were constructed. The first set of higher secondary students appeared for the board exams in 1980.

St. Mary’s towards Diamond Jubilee:

In 1982, during the period of Rev.Fr. Vedhanayagam S.J., our school Diamond Jubilee was jubiliantly and felicitoriously celebrated. During his tenure only the Vocational group buildings were constructed. Also for the first time students appearing higher secondary board exam succeeded cent percent.

Continuous reformations and renovations:

In 1987-89, Rev.Fr. Ignatius S.J., formed deep pore wells to meet out the water scarcity. He is the one who bought colour Television and Audio systems and amplifiers to improve the public – address system. Following him Rev.Fr. Xavier Mampra S.J., did a lot for the improvement of sports and games and paved way for a tremendous growth. His contribution to sports and games is inexplicably splendid.
Rev.Fr.Felix Joseph S.J., built the shelters for parking bicycles. He is the one who constructed gallery for the spectators around foot ball ground. Also he formed a proper canal to drain the rain water in foot ball ground.
Rev.Fr.Hendry Amirtharaj S.J., with the aid of central government constructed the vocational group buildings . State level science expo was conducted during his tenure. He is the one who formed “Inigo Art Section”. In association with Rev.Fr.Lawrence Gabriel S.J., (Rector) with the aid of Mr. Gandhirajan , Deputy speaker of legislative assembly, he started the Computer lab.

Reconstructional works:

During the period of Rev.Fr.Titus S.J., (1994-97) and Rev.Fr.Marivalan S.J., (1997-2000) the tile roofed buildings in elementary school were turned into concrete structures and the elementary school took a new and classy look. Rev.Fr. Marianathan S.J„s uncountable effort and perseverance take a vital part in it.
At this time only the flood light provisions were made for the volleyball and basketball courts.
The new HM‟s room and the new office room for the administrative convenience were constructed with the state of the art.
Santappar hall was restructured and converted into class rooms.

Rev.Fr. Albert Joseph S.J., and Rev.Fr. Marianathan S.J., in (2000-2001) celebrated the platinum jubilee of St.Mary‟s in a colossal and opulent manner on 31st of July 2000.
A computer lab with 32 computers was inaugurated by the former Provincial of „Madurai Jesuit Province‟ the most Rev.Dr.Francis Xavier S.J., and the Jubilee hall at the top floor of Santappar hall was opened by the Head of Idian Jesuit Congregation Rev.FrLisburt D’Zoza S.J., and the same was anointed and sanctified by Rev.Fr. Francis Xavier, S.J., former provincial.
Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam laid the foundation stone to the entrance arch on 11.08.2001.
School website was created by Rev.Br.Kingsly, S.J., commemorating Platinum Jubilee.
In 2001, a spacious and large rainwater harvesting units were established in both higher secondary and primary school premises. District collector Mr.Senthil kumar opened the both.
Foundation stone was laid to “Retired teachers and alumni administrative block” which is the only one of that kind in the entire TamilNadu.

Additional buildings:

To meet out the accommodating challenges of inflating inflow of students to the campus, Rev.Fr.Vincent AmalRaj S.J., took a lot of aggressive actions in a hustle manner and constructed new class rooms from the M.P fund of Mr. N.S.V.Siddhan M.P.The construction worths Rs. 4.40 Lakhs.
Also Rev.Fr.Vincent Amalraj S.J., took a lot of efforts to construct extra class rooms for 6th std students obtaining aid from Rajya shaba welfare fund of Mr. R.ShanmugaSundaram (Member of Rajyashaba).
22. Rev.Fr.Ignatius Britto S.J., constructed a new modern toilet where in 300 students can micturate at a time. No other school has such a facility.

100th year Sports Day:

In 2010-2011, Rev.Fr. Ignatius Britto S.J., took a lot of interest and initiative in celebrating 100th year sports day celebrations.